Edinburgh – Castle and the Moon


Usually I have these kind of shots planned well ahead of time, however this was very last minute. I was in the old town planning another shot when I caught a glimpse of the moon and decided to make a mad dash to a better viewpoint. Arriving I knew I had a matter of minutes to setup my gear and capture the scene. Thankfully it paid off with just seconds to spare.

This print will come in landsape orientation.

The image will be maximised within the paper area, leaving a small white border all the way around the edge. As well as making the image look more presentable, the border also helps to protect the actual image area when handling. You can choose to include or exclude the border when you have it framed.

Signed prints will feature my signature printed in the bottom right hand corner of the image.

For Non UK/US Deliveries
Please be advised that the canvas is rolled up and posted in a tube. To ship the framed canvas would be very expensive and more vulnerable to damage, so we recommend that you have it framed locally as it will most likely save you money.