Wingin It (65 of 115)Having spent my career working as a musician and teacher, photography has been a fairly new passion for me.

Having bought my first DSLR after being inspired to work on videos and film making, it wasn’t long before I began to experiment with stills. I soon realised I needed some guidance, finding that photography books can only provide so much inspiration, and having attended a Landscape photography workshop led by Isle of Skye based photographer Marcus McAdam I was soon hooked and a new obsession emerged.

I still very much consider myself a novice of the art, and every location I find myself in with the camera provides a new learning curve., whether it be technically with the equipment, or developing a better understanding of light.

Through social network and online prescence I have been fortunate to have images viewed by millions of people around the world.

I look forward to more adventures and continued learning over the course of the year.